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Acerca de Unopiu

Each space must tell a story, that is the firm belief of Unopiú®, a European company with more than 30 years of experience creating outdoor furniture that invites to tell stories where nature is the ideal environment.

The originality and innovation are complemented by the functionality and durability of its furniture and accessories, and can be found in the entire range, from armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs, loungers, chaise longue and even in the decoration accessories such as pergolas and gazebos , umbrellas, lighting systems, pots, fountains, shelves and cabinets, awnings and cavanas, articles to decorate the table and textiles to decorate outdoor furniture.

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The originality and innovation are complemented by functionality and durability


Unopiú® has an extensive collection of outdoor furniture and accessories, ideal for the demands of luxury hotels, designed and manufactured with innovative techniques that increase resistance to weathering and atmospheric agents, and constantly enriches its catalog to create dream places, as his philosophy says.

In the production process of Unopiú® all the materials are chosen and treated with an artisan approach, but without leaving aside the use of state of the art machinery. Wood, metals, fabrics and fibers are handled with great care to provide the quality and elegance that distinguishes the brand

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