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Acerca de Contardi

Contardi® not only creates light, but a whole concept of design around it. This is the philosophy of Massimiliano Raggi, the art designer of this European lighting brand.

With more than 30 years of experience, Contardi® offers decorative lighting solutions for private and public spaces. An ideal solution for the lighting of luxury hotels that seek more than the simple concept of light.

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Lighting seen as an integral and functional concept of design


The designs of this Italian lighting brand convey an intelligent use of shapes, materials and state-of-the-art technology that guarantee that the quality of the lighting meets the demands of the market.

Quality, innovation and aesthetics have made the brand one of the favorites of interior designers and high-profile clients who are looking for an elegant lighting concept and refined decoration.

Contardi® is a perfect choice for the lighting of luxury hotels, whether for indoor or outdoor environments, as it grants discretion and elegance with high quality standards in both design and aesthetics.

In its collection you can find lamps, luminaires, decorative luminaires, decorative lamps and quality European lamps. The lighting seen as an integral and functional concept of design.

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