Acerca de Inclass

Inclass®, is a European brand of interior furniture specialized in workspaces; designs products with the aim of creating inspiring and modern spaces where people can work, interact and live better. Its implementation is by transversality and versatility of use, with furniture designed for diverse contexts both for public and private use.

Its designs have been recognized all over the world thanks to his essential elegance, its pure lines and his timeless spirit, product of a renowned team of designers that work in conjunction with the local manufacture.

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Elegance, pure lines and timeless spirit


In its collection we can find office tables, desks, armchairs, multipurpose chairs, benches, sofas and stools, furniture that expresses a contemporary aesthetic, proportionate, elegant and timeless.

All its products are approved according to international standards of quality and safety, and are subjected to safety and durability tests, so that having Inclass® interior furniture to give life to luxury hotel spaces is a guarantee of quality.

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Monte Hermon 109, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, CP 11000, México City.
+52 5541647690

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