In the collection of Carmenes®, prestigious European brand of interior furniture, we distinguish the author’s design created by great contemporary designers such as Alberto Lievore, Jorge Pensi, Lievore Altherr Molina, Mathias Hoffmann, Lluís Codina, Héctor Diego, Ferran Estela and Samuel Accoceberry.

From these brilliant minds have emerged pieces that combine comfort, beauty, common sense and formal rigor, but above all, exclusivity, functionality, durability and a great commitment to comfort.

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Unique designs recognizable and that will create a visual impact

Through its collections, Carmenes® gives voice to young designers who bring a new aesthetic vision and challenge conventions in lines and materials. In their designs you can perceive the freedom of expression and creativity of their team, always looking for the perfect equation: pieces that combine design and functionality.

For the brand, each piece of furniture must be unique, visually striking, just like the painting of a great painter, so it takes great care of each part of its production process, since the main idea is to create icons of the design and that can be seen in its wide catalog, where you can find chairs, sofas, tables, armchairs and stools.

The result are pieces that will challenge the passage of time. Timeless pieces that will resist wear and tear and will never give up. The best option to meet the demands of quality interior furniture for luxury hotels.

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