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Wide variety of items that help solve, facilitate and be more efficient, in addition to providing modernity and style. Simplifying everyday life is something that is appreciated in the middle of an agenda saturated with work and activities and our brands achieve this task while giving a touch of distinction.


MityLite® creates furniture of quality and durability specialized in banquets, events and meetings. It is a company with more than 30 years and positioned worldwide for the quality of its furniture, as well as its functional and modern designs.


Is one of the leading manufacturers of glassware in the world, an icon of Italian design that for more than 40 years has supplied exquisite pieces of glass to luxury hotels, restaurants and bars.


Uman Hotel Supply Limited® is a company specialized in the supply of hotels such as luggage trolleys, service trolleys, trash cans, ashtrays, luggage racks, row control posts, among other solutions that have placed it as one of the Favorite brands of renowned hotels.


A brand of Lancaster Commercial Products, a company founded in 1962 that sells products and supplies for luxury hotels and restaurants.

Spa Luxury®

Luxurious bed linen is a defining character of every hotel. We carry the finest imported and local fabric and supply the highest standards of quality to the most prestigious hotels.

Our collection includes sheets, pillows and pillowcases, duvets, quilts, mattress pads and valances.

Spa Luxury®

Hotels pride themselves on the quality of their towels. It is a key factor in qualifying levels of guest satisfaction.

Our range of luxury towels is made of the finest quality cotton and meets the highest standards of quality control.

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