Hotel Essentials Decoración

Light, elements of nature and details that give the final touch to interior and exterior spaces, make up our decoration catalog, where we have chosen the best European brands that stand out for their creativity and quality.


With more than 30 years of experience, Contardi® offers decorative lighting solutions for private and public spaces. In its collection you can find lamps, luminaires, decorative luminaires, decorative lamps and quality European lamps. The lighting seen as an integral and functional concept of design.


Euroflor® is the European leader in the commercialization of flowers, plants and artificial trees. Their creations are unique proposals, conceived to make nature reach all places.


Eichholtz® is a specialist in modernized classics and its prestige is recognized in the main markets of the world. In its collection you can find many pieces inspired by the main decorative currents of the twentieth century, such as Modernism or Art Deco, such as tables, chairs, sofas, stools, bars, benches, beds, lighting and accessories.

Dash & Albert®

Designs, textures and colors are the main elements that Dash and Albert® use in their products, behind the expertise and experience of the prestigious designer Annie Selke.

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