About Cosentino

Cosentino is a leading global brand of surfaces; which provides innovative architectural solutions of high value, through its brands: Silestone®, Dekton® and Scalea®.

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Dekton by Cosentino

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About Dekton

Dekton® is a new and innovative surface category that anticipates the future of surfaces for architecture and design; which can also be applied in kitchens, bathrooms. floors, stairs, counters and coatings in general.

Silestone by Cosentino
About Silestone

Silestone® is a world leader in quartz surfaces.

Its products are composed of 93% natural quartz crystals and 7% pigments, resin, mirrors and cycled glass (greater than 4 times the strength of granite). Kitchen covers are the main application with a variety of styles; There are other important applications such as bathrooms, floors, stairs, counters and coatings in general.

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Scalea by Cosentino
About Scalea

Scalea® by Cosentino is the brand that embody the Cosentino Group’s natural stone offer. Scalea® is a new way of understanding and working with materials, always maintaining a commitment to innovation, creativity, the most advanced design and improved performance. Scalea® offers from Marbles, slates, basalts to granites and travertines; just to mention some of their products.

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