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Focused on the quality and service that our customers seek, we decided to facilitate the possibility of offering an unparalleled experience with fine products, innovative design and functionality. Our commitment is to make your needs our own.

More than suppliers of articles, we are suppliers of quality.

Hotel Essentials
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Architectural Finishes Hotel Essentials
  • Exclusive brands with presence in more than 70 countries.
  • Surfaces of high architectural value.
  • High performance facades.
  • Ideal materials for interiors and exteriors.
  • Finishes for high traffic areas, airports, hotels, shopping centers, etc.
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Hotel Essentials

The environment is that essential element that mix concepts and creates experiences; hence, it is very important that this reflects what we want to convey to our customers.

Hotel Essentials
Outdoor Furniture Hotel Essentials

The beauty of nature, combined with the combination of elements suggestive of comfort and relaxation, such as furniture with elegant design and comfort, make our brands synonymous with elegance, functionality, guarantee of durability and quality.

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Hotel Essentials

Whether your style is modern, contemporary, eclectic or sophisticated, we have a variety of items that will contribute to the elegance and distinction for you.

Hotel Essentials
Indoor Furniture Hotel Essentials

The elegance and functionality are complemented by the experience of living a space with our modern designs, making the stay of the guests comfortable and pleasant.

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Hotel Essentials

Interior design has evolved to offer unique experiences, personalized to the lifestyle that your guests are accustomed to.

Hotel Essentials
Decoration Hotel Essentials

Our products decorate and create environments, making spaces transform into experiences worthy of being remembered and repeated. Our brand is renewed every season and offers the highest variety that will undoubtedly exceed expectations.

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Hotel Essentials

The refined decoration and the artistic details enrich and make any moment more special

Hotel Essentials
Accesories Hotel Essentials

Wide variety of items that help solve, facilitate and be more efficient, in addition to providing modernity and style. Simplifying everyday life is something that is appreciated in the middle of an agenda saturated with work and activities and our brands achieve this task while giving a touch of distinction.

Hotel Essentials

Inspired by the design, quality and functionality of excellence, we have selected some of the most distinguished lines.

Hotel Essentials
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Hotel Essentials

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